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Something positive: Quick action may have saved wife of author

To the editor:

It seems like when reading the letters to the editor, there is a lot of negative or unhappy people in Leelanau County. Well maybe I can help with some good news.

While having dinner one Sunday evening, I noticed my wife holding her chest. I asked her what was wrong, she said it was nothing. I continued to have dinner, but I thought that there was something wrong. The pain continued, so I said it was time to go to Munson Hospital. We started to get to Lake Leelanau and I felt the problem was getting worse. Exit stage left and right to the Lake Leelanau fire hall.

Chris Herman was there and I ask Chris if he could look at my wife. He brought her in and had her sit in a chair. Chris immediately got on the radio and with minutes there was help. The ambulance was on its way back from Munson. Upon arriving they immediately began to help her.

The immediate response saved my wife from a possible heart attack.

I can’t thank the Leland Township Fire and Rescue enough for their quick and carrying service. It just goes to show that good things happen.

Thank you again and may God bless.

Dale T. Schaub
E Duck Lake Rd
Lake Leelanau

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Nice to read positive news.

Nice to read positive news.