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The thrill of having life ‘unfold’ in Leelanau Co.

To the editor:

I write in response to the letter from Mr. Capoccia about the thrill of his visits to Leelanau County. He wonders if that thrill might be gone if he lived here full-time. I have lived here fulltime for over fourteen years. I would like Mr. Capoccia to know that, for me, the thrill of Leelanau County is not gone.

I’m still godsmacked every time I climb to the top of Pyramid Point and see that amazing view. A visit to Fishtown on a summer Saturday to wander the shops and enjoy a sandwich served on pretzel bread continues to delight me. The pleasure of a visit to Cherry Republic, where I try to blend in with the tourists as I feast on free samples of products I’ve tasted dozens of times before, endures.

A hike around Good Harbor Bay trail offers some new wonder to behold every time.

But the best part of living here is the opportunity to work, serve, live, and worship alongside the other folks who call this county home. The love, kindness and generosity of the people of Leelanau County are what continue to make this a thrilling place to be. I’m “only” forty-three and do not know what the future holds. But, whatever it is, I hope it will unfold for me right here in Leelanau County.

Rev. Robin Carden

East Narlock Road

Maple City

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