2018-03-15 / Letters

Government should end ‘wholesale slaughter’ of people

To the editor:

The innocent run in fear with their hands held high. Victims smile at us from TV screens. The anguished cry out “WHY?”. Survivors struggle to endure. The guilty say that is the price of freedom and only more of the same will protect us. False prophets cling to fantasies about refreshing the tree of liberty with blood.

People the world over have a responsibility to keep a wary eye on their government. The rise of one party nation/ states has categorically been detrimental to its entire citizenry. It typically starts by harnessing a public’s fear and then weaponizing it against a specific population, while continually expanding the role of security enforcement for “homeland” protection. What else could explain the ready availability of assault type firearms in our society? Why else would this administration allow those deemed mentally incompetent to buy such weapons while supporting measures that defund health care for these very same people?

Fake patriots fear government overreach. Guaranteed health care, good public schools, security for the aged, poor, hungry or infirm is an unacceptable idea that only they and their guns can defend against. Their vision of a peaceful country is where all are armed and stand their ground while professing to love a God who still loudly proclaims “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.

True patriots would demand the corporate sponsored, government sanctioned, indiscriminate wholesale slaughter of American citizens ends immediately. They would insist on workable solutions for age limits, background checks and yes, some type of registration or ban concerning assault weapons. They would abandon the NRA completely.

It’s easier to lose your right to vote and/or your life in this country, than it is to lose your right to bear arms.

Long ago, perhaps Pogo said it best, “We have met the enemy... and he is us”.

John Hunter
E. Melissa Dr.
Bingham Twp.

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