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Story continues on the thrill of living in Empire

To The editor:

This is in response to Christopher Capoccia’s Letter from Thursday, March 1, 2018 about Distance to county serves to enhance the thrills of visits. Your letter in the Enterprise could not have been published at a more opportune time for me. Like you, I was born and raised in “downstate” Michigan. While I know many people who now live and those who visit have similar stories to tell, I was particularly struck by how similar our stories are! I was born and raised in Farmington, Mich., (“downstate”) and my father’s family was from Northville. Every summer of my life I have spent swimming in Lake Michigan and scouring the shoreline for the ever elusive Petoskey stone. I was not as fortunate to travel to Empire in the dead of winter – as a youngster my family just didn’t do that.

In 2002 — more than 20 years ahead of schedule — I moved to Empire fulltime. While there were many years I had to drive to Traverse City for work, I can say to you, unequivocally, there is not a day that goes by that I do not stop and listen to hear the lake (listening to hear its mood), to breathe this incredibly fresh air. I thank my lucky stars (and my grandparents and parents) for the privilege to live in this beautiful piece of paradise. That thrill is never gone, for me. And, know (as I am sure you do) that this wonderful, quirky, slice of heaven will welcome you (and your wife) with open arms – part-time or full-time.

Thank you, for the reminder to not let the thrill of Empire go away!

Maggie Bacon
Wilce Street

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