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Chuck gun-free zones improve student safety

To the editor:

I don’t know who put the students who participated in the recent, ridiculous, walkout at Leland Public School up to it but I would have given the midterm while they were out.This sort of thing is neither spontaneous nor intelligent. The Left couldn’t wait to jump on the Parkland shooting to advance its gun control agenda and the organizing of walkouts is just part of it. It’s all much too smooth and well-organized to be spontaneous, including the incredibly well-delivered talking points by Parkland students. There is a straightforward, guaranteed effective, way to put a stop to school shootings, or, for that matter, shootings anywhere that guns in the hands of decent people are prohibited. That is to legally eliminate gun-free zones.That takes away the fear of liability. Then put a sign outside every school saying “Not a gun-free zone. Staff may be anonymously armed.” Same way with churches etc. I’ll bet there would never be another school attacked if that were done.

If teachers really care about the safety of the students, instead of a political agenda, they will not object. Who knows? Some may actually carry. If the football coach at Parkland had been armed I really believe things would have been different. He sure wasn’t a coward, like the police officer on scene, but he wasn’t armed either, so he couldn’t stop the rampage.

Disarming the millions of people who didn’t do it is not the answer except to further a political agenda. Murder is the murderer’s fault. Punish him/her, not the rest of us.

Charles Knapp
W. Harbor Hwy
Maple City

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I wish the author would argue

I wish the author would argue for his position (arming teachers) without questioning the right of others to argue for theirs. Students have first amendment rights, as do the adults who choose to support them. If the students are too articulate and effective for Mr. Knapp, too bad. These kids are tremendously motivated and dripping with moral authority, for obvious reasons. They are also well educated (kudos to their school), poised, social media savvy, and unafraid. And they’ve found that other students and parents across the country also think that “enough is enough.” Those of us who agree with some of the things they’re advocating (universal background checks, a waiting period, raising the age to buy a gun, banning the AR15) choose to support them and march with them. It’s called free speech. Your policy preferences, Mr. Knapp, constitute a “political agenda” just like ours do. By all means, enter the marketplace of ideas and make your case. But you don’t persuade anyone by asserting that others’ expression of opinions is somehow less legitimate than your own. Regarding arming teachers: shooters aren’t exactly known for rational risk/benefit analysis. In fact, many plan on dying at the scene; it’s called “suicide by cop.” There have been plenty of shootings at places where there were armed people on the premises. Indeed, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas had an armed resource officer, a fact which clearly did not deter the shooter. Also, the only place where the good guys always win the gun fights was in the westerns I used to watch on TV as a kid, and in low budget action movies. I would think that a teacher or administrator with a 9mm pistol, in a hallway with a lot of screaming kids and a crazed shooter with an AR15, wouldn’t have great odds of success. Finally, it gets tiring hearing some gun enthusiasts treat every proposal for common sense gun reform as an indication that the government is planning on confiscating all their weapons. Obama never came for anyone’s guns. Time to put that one to rest.

Ok, Mr. Knapp, please put

Ok, Mr. Knapp, please put your money where your gunhole is—volunteer to be a resource officer at a Leelanau County school. Or, maybe you wouldn’t pass the background check?