2018-03-22 / Letters

More praise for Nugent

To the editor:

We read your story on Jim Nugent and Toddy Reiger this past week with lots of smiles, cheers and the deep satisfaction that comes from seeing folks who have contributed so much to our collective Leelanau experience yet always do so quietly and with genuine humility. As “the farm guy” at the Leelanau Conservancy, it has been an honor to know Jim and Toddy for many years now. In 2008, Jim joined the Conservancy’s board of directors and, gratefully, Toddy contributed the work and moral support that allowed Jim to devote significant time and energy to that commitment. Jim brought instant credibility to our honest aspiration to partner with the ag community to preserve family farms and has given so much to the efforts to ensure that farming will continue to be a way of life here for generations to come. In addition to his countless thoughtful contributions over the years, we asked Jim many times to speak to groups or lead farm tours, he never once turned us down. And, anyone who has heard Jim speak on farming knows he is a walking encyclopedia. Yet he always shares his knowledge in such a warm and accessible way that fills people with wonder for the very real complexity of farming and a well-deserved awe for these great stewards—farm families— of our Leelanau landscape. Jim and Toddy are beloved by many, including their immensely grateful Leelanau Conservancy Family. Thank you for highlighting the invaluable service of this truly wonderful couple.

Tom Nelson
Executive Director
Leelanau Conservancy

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