2018-03-22 / Letters

Tax on top of a tax?

To the editor:

I would like to know — and it probably happened a number of years back — how the administration fee got attached to the real estate tax bill.

How was this authorized? I didn’t vote for it. Shouldn’t that just be part of our overall tax bill? It seems our general taxes generally pay for those expenses.

J.R. Dykstra
P.O. Box 345
Glen Arbor

Editor’s note: It’s certainly fair to ask the question, although there’s little chance of getting a township to end the fee once it’s instituted. The State Legislature in 1982 started allowing local governments, primarily townships, to tack on an extra 1 percent to property tax bills to compensate for the collection. Some do, some don’t.

Townships have always been charged with collecting taxes for a number of governments including counties, local school districts and even the state school tax that goes to Lansing.

Glen Arbor Township collected $112,000 in 2015-16 for its “administration fee.” Total general fund revenue that year came to $489,675.

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