2018-03-22 / Letters

Trump about ego; Obama was ‘always about the people’

To the editor:

It doesn’t matter to Donald Trump if he is liked or disliked; only that he is at the center of everyone’s attention each and every day. Like butter goes with bread, Trump needs to be idolized, not just respected. This is a trait of every ego-maniac who has seized control and hangs on tight, in politics and in his many marriages. If a woman stands up to him, he just dumps her and gets another one. Self love is a mental disorder, and yet his unyielding personality is seen by many Republicans as a sign of stability, consistency and almost god like strength.

Say what you like about Barrack Obama, he was always about the people, and his ego took a back seat to the welfare of the citizens of America. Considering how important it is to have a true leader at the helm, capable of earning the respect and admiration of people in other countries, American cannot move forward with an egomaniac at the helm.

William E. Scott
N. Manor Wood Drive
Elmwood Township

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A "true leader" is simply a

A "true leader" is simply a servant who takes care of everyone.