2018-03-22 / Local News

5 questions to consider after saying no to college

What are you working toward?

It’s important for students to identify their career goals. As long as you have an idea where you’re going, you will be more likely to get there.

Could you do an apprenticeship?

Many companies or individuals involved in the skilled trades offer the opportunity for learning the ins and outs of the job while gaining critical knowledge and experience. An apprenticeship frequently comes with a paycheck as well!

What about the service industry?

With tourism alive and well in Leelanau county, opportunities abound for those seeking employment in the service industry.

Could you handle the military?

Structure, discipline, a viable career path and a chance to serve the country. And continued education is a possibility through the G.I. Bill. The branches of the U.S. military offer these opportunities to those who enlist.

Is a gap year plausible?

Traveling with intent can allow an individual a chance to grow, mature and experience the “real world.” Effective gap year plans can include activities such as volunteering. If a paycheck isn’t your immediate objective, gaining valuable skills at nonprofit organizations can give you professional experience to help beef up a resume.

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