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Parks, raises on tap in Solon

Solon Township Annual Meeting

An update on parks and $790 in salary increases are likely topics on Saturday’s agenda at the annual meeting of Solon Township residents.

The meeting, set for 10 a.m. at the township hall, will focus on the proposed 2018-19 budget that includes a significant contribution toward operation of Cedar Area Fire & Rescue.

Solon and Centerville townships until two years ago owned and operated the Cedar Fire Department that contracted services to Kasson and Cleveland townships.

That department, however, was disbanded and a new department is now under the authority of the Cedar Area Fire Board, which includes representatives of the four member townships and an at-large appointment.

While the former fire board members have little to do with the operation of the new department, the fire and rescue services chew up more than a third of annual expenses at $152,800, plus $25,000 toward future equipment purchases.

However, much of this is expense is offset by receipts of $171,000 generated by a 1.75-mill levy specifically for fire and rescue services.

The fire millage represents the biggest single revenue source for the township in 2017-18. Total estimated receipts are expected to come in at $387,750.

State shared revenue will bring $120,000, according to budget projections. The township’s operational millage will generate $56,000 and a 1 percent tax administration fee, $21,000.

Other funds maintained by the township are earmarked for road improvements ($50,000); fire sinking ($10,175) and sidewalks ($8,358).

Total expenses of $444,353 are anticipated in the new fiscal year which begins April 1.

In addition to fire and rescue services, the next largest expenses is for parks and maintenance — $85,000.

Salary increases totaling $790 are included in $68,804 in expenses outlined in the budget.

Salary resolutions adopted by the board last month call for a $190-increase for the township supervisor’s position and $300 for the clerk and treasurer bringing compensation for these posts to $10,000, $15,800 and $15,300, respectively.

Trustee compensation per diem will remain at $100, unchanged from the current budget year.

The anticipated fund balance for March 31, 2019 is $182,169.

In addition to the budget, the status of Joe Vlack Park and the Cedar River Park, are also expected to be discussed Saturday morning.

When: 10 a.m. Saturday

Where: Solon Township Hall, 9191 S. Kasson St., Cedar.

You’ll hear about: Fire department expenses and an update on parks.

Are raises proposed? Yes a total of $790.

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