2018-03-29 / Letters

Societal failings make guns the scapegoat

To the editor:

I was raised in the 1930s. We were responsible for our own actions, we learned self control, and respected law and order.

What kind of culture would create a monster that would shoot school children who cannot defend themselves? Our own elected governmental officials said abortion was OK, we will even pay for it.

We have so many children raised that have no parental control, they do not have any sense of right or wrong, and have no conscience.

Our society allows us to terminate a pregnancy (cause the death of the unborn), our families are falling part, the police are under fire. It’s always someone else’s fault as our morals, ethics and self-control are disappearing.

There is so much violence going on in the media and games. Drugs are getting out of hand. We believe that if it feels good, do it. So what can we expect?

Guns are the scapegoat here. The shootings will continue regardless of more restrictions on guns. The criminal breaks the law now, why does anyone think he will obey any more gun laws?

It seems like everyone involved in protecting the children in Florida failed, including the FBI, and the media blamed the NRA.

Let’s get at the root causes here, not the symptoms.

Jerome E. Bufka
S. Maple City Rd.
Maple City

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Don't worry Mr Bufka. We have

Don't worry Mr Bufka. We have a wonderful presidential roll model and his political party now in charge. They are doing a fine job of teaching our children morality.