2018-03-29 / Views

Quiet week in Lake ...Leelanau

Forget the weather. Consider this a throwback week.

It’s a lovely time to be in Leelanau.

As part of our Section Two cover, we published a story about spring breakers — families that headed to Florida or parts farther south to escape winter’s grip on our psyche.

They picked a good week for therapy. The National Weather Service predicts temperatures well into the 80s for Florida this week, while Cedar struggles to find 40 degrees.

For those left behind, our blessings may not include a suntan. But we’ve got plenty of others to count.

When else can you drive 35 mph down M-22 looking for deer and not have a horn blaring from behind? Walk along Good Harbor beach with nary a footprint to follow? Or park anywhere you want in Suttons Bay on a Saturday afternoon?

Sour grapes? Perhaps. But it has been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon ... er, Lake Leelanau.

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