2018-04-05 / Letters

Emotional letter outlines problems with snipe hunt

To the editor:

Today I saw posted in Suttons Bay a poster advertising Annual Spring Snipe Hunts. The posters claim that these are annual hunts, but I have lived in this community for over 50 years, and have never heard of organized snipe hunts.

I am outraged that anyone would attempt to organize what has traditionally been a very individual activity, and do it so poorly. The poster says that the hunts end at Bahle Park, but they do not tell you where they begin. What idiocy. These people simply do not know what they are doing.

While they claim to be traditional hunts (correctly banning plastic bags and fondue forks) they say that pink is optional. No way. Pink is obligatory.

But in spite of this group’s fuddleheadedness, it is the season, and I look forward to my post-snipe hunt breakfast of pan fried snipe, morels, and fiddlehead ferns: the flavors are unbelievable.

Larry Mawby
P.O. Box 221
Suttons Bay

Editor’s note: We, too, saw the “snipe hunt” flyer posted in a store while in Suttons Bay. We would note two important aspects of Mr. Mawby’s very emotional letter. One is that the letter was dated April 1. The other is that the only snipe hunt we have participated in followed submarine race viewing in Northport.

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