2018-04-12 / Letters

Compassion needed along with ‘tough guy talk’ on ICE

To the editor:

I’m writing regarding the March 29 story about the man arrested after dropping his kids at school. You quote Sheriff Borkovitch as saying, “I’m frustrated with the lack of respect shown ICE.” The sheriff also points out how these agents are just doing their job, we can’t pick and choose which laws are enforced, etc.

I don’t disagree with his points about the law, but I’m much more frustrated with the fact that a good, hard working father has been snatched up due to bad law and over zealous enforcement of the law. The end result is not safer streets, it’s a family left without a father. As for the ICE agents, yes, just doing their job, but they’ll be fine. Maybe they don’t like making such arrests, I really don’t know. The family left behind? It will be a struggle. A father and husband may be gone for many years.

When news of this arrest broke, many in our community immediately responded with support for this family. For the many people around here that know this family it was shocking news. But Sheriff Borkovich seems to be more concerned with the welfare of the federal agents.

He offers up tough law and order talk, we’ve come to expect that from him, but I would hope in the future, along with the tough guy talk, he might express just the slightest compassion for the people who are a vital part of the community that he serves.

Phillip Keeling
East O’Brien Rd
Lake Leelanau

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