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Repeal of Second Amendment starts a slippery slope

To the editor:

During former President Obama’s administration, many Republicans and conservatives expressed their concern about an authoritative (dictator) type president, hence gun manufacturer’s sales skyrocketed. Nowadays you hear many Democrats howling about President Trump becoming an authoritative (dictator).

So, pardon me, I’m confused why liberals want to eliminate the second amendment if they fear a dictator ruling the United States. Make no mistake, after reading former Supreme Court Justice John P. Stevens op-ed in The NY Times the Democrat end game is to eliminate the right of the people to “keep and bear arms.” Furthermore, you can bet extreme liberal Justices, Ginsburg, Sotomayer and Kagan, all agree with Justice Stevens.

If you eliminate the second amendment, it’s only a matter of time before all of your Bill of Rights are trampled. No matter how you feel about Trump, the selection of Justice Gorsuch and hopefully many others like him warrants a vote for conservative Republicans to hold the House and Senate in November.

David A. Canfield
P. O. Box 837

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Hunter, you are correct to

Hunter, you are correct to say he was nominated by a Republican President and was considered a lifelong republic, however, he was liberal in his judicial rulings per the CNN library. Unfortunately some Republican presidents have done a poor job of selecting Supreme Court judges. David Souter selected by Bush would also fall into this category. Gutowski, you are correct to say we can’t take the most extreme views and attribute them to everyone on one side of the debate, however, with the court ruling 5-4 on many cases, it doesn’t take everyone. In fact it just takes one to make it 5-4 in favor of the liberals point of view. As a sidebar, did you know five times as many people are killed with knives vs guns. Any thought on outlawing knives?

In 1970, President Richard

In 1970, President Richard Nixon (R) appointed Stevens to the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Five years later, President Gerald Ford (R) successfully nominated Stevens to the Supreme Court. To equate him as a Democratic, extreme liberal Judge does him a grave disservice. As with the majority of Americans, his education and experience has evolved to the point that he sees absolutely no reason assault type firearms are necessary in our society. I would suggest you read the entire statement by Justice Stevens concerning this matter instead of the “hot button headline” on what passes for your source of news/information...

This "liberals want to

This "liberals want to eliminate the second amendment" stuff is a caricature. You can't take the most extreme views and attribute them to everyone on one side of a debate. That's like saying "conservatives hate poor people." Can't we have a rational discussion about simple practical things like universal background checks?