2018-04-12 / Letters

Road crews great, but there are times to pull blade up

To the editor:

The Leelanau County Road Com has done a great job plowing snow this winter season. However during this lingering winter weather it has been most depressing to observe our road being scraped with just a dusting of snow, wet or dry pavement. The asphalt in many areas is already deteriorated having gravel exposed and this scraping causes additional damage. I am aware that some open spaces may have drifted snow on the roadway that need plowing but why does the plow go by with the blade down when there is nothing to remove but pothole patch?

I’m certain that the plow driver would not be operating this way if it was his own truck, fuel and maintenance expenses. I have past experience in this type of operation and I see no reason for this to occur.

As taxpayers, we need to keep this activity in mind the next time the county needs additional operating monies.

Fred Jelley
Nanagosa Trail
Suttons Bay

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