2018-04-19 / Local News

Food truck proposed in Cedar

A request to operate a food truck in Cedar didn’t get far last week with the Solon Township Board.

Chris Lopez approached the board last month with the request. She returned to the board at the regular monthly meeting last Thursday.

Lopez, who worked for seven years in food service at Glen Lake Community Schools, has recently purchased a food truck and would like to serve breakfast and lunch.

But board members had plenty of questions about where the truck would be stationed and whether it would conflict with local businesses.

“There are already five places in Cedar where you can get food,” supervisor Jim Lautner said.

Zoning administrator Tim Cypher said that Lopez would need a vendor’s license and the township would need to adopt a police power ordinance.

There are also questions about whether the County Road Commission would allow the truck on public streets.

No action was taken pending research by the Township Board.

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