2018-04-26 / Leelanau Log

Soil Erosion Permits

Bingham Township

Daniel & Patricia Davis (Northwest Carpentry LLC) Excavation for new home construct, garage, decks, patio, septic system and driveway at 8181 Maple Left Dr. ($140).

Ronald O’Brien (Paul O’Grady Construction) Excavation and backfill for house with attached garage, driveway and septic field, plus an in-ground pool at 9415 E. Lakeview Hills Rd. ($125).

Centerville Township

Centerville Township (Easling Construction) Add new front entry porch and septic system and re-gravel parking area at 5001 S. French Road. ($218).

Cleveland Township

Carol Underwood (Peninsula Pavers) Replace approximately 65 feet of 16-inch coir log with native plantings, in wetland and along the shoreline to create shorelines protection area at 400 W. Harbor Hwy. ($90).

Elmwood Township

Paul Crockett (Earthworks) Dig footings for 2,053 square-foot building and parking area at 12813 S. Bugai Rd. ($336).

Jason Burton (Priced Right Builders) Extension of previous permit to excavate for new home construction, driveway, garage, decks and septic system at 9366 E. Summerfield ($31.25).

Empire Township

Jay Hoekstra (Cornerstone Excavating) Excavation for new house, basement, septic and connecting water lateral at 9962 W. South St. ($140).

Glen Arbor Township

Dan and Dave Baldwin (Shugart Builders, Inc.) Excavation for 16-X-30- foot addition on garage with deck and septic at 5619 McFarlane Rd. ($140).

Sudsland LLC (Team Elmer’s) Excavation for new off-site drainfield for Cherry Republic. Includes tanks, force main and appurtenances at 6026 S. Lake St. ($336). *This entry appears twice with separate permit numbers).

Leelanau Township

Philip M. May (Calhoun Excavating) Excavation to prepare a 20-by-120-foot area for concrete pad foundation for erection of steel building for mini-storage at 1030 N. Mill St. ($218).

Village of Northport (Elmer’s Crane & Dozer) Excavation for the installation of a stormwater infiltration system, tree bays, sidewalks, curb, paving and replacement of a section of water main and installation of street lights and pavers on Nagonaba St. ($336).

Leland Township

Richard and Elizabeth Couturier (Lake Leelanau Excavating) Excavation for addition to a house at 5674 E. Duck Lake Rd. ($90).

Tom and Brooke Boyd (LaCross Landscaping) Level area where patio is to be installed with a retaining wall behind patio at 4302 N. Manitou Trail W ($90).

Fred Heslop Trust — Earth removed to provide foundation for the addition of a stairway to the existing structure at 4281 N. High Bluffs Dr. ($80).

Brooks Bunbury (Cornerstone Excavating) Excavation for home construction at 4715 E. Waterview Dr. ($140).

Solon Township

Jason Popa (Earthworks Excavating) Excavate for a new house, attached garage, driveway and septic at 2472 E. Popa Rd. ($125).

Joshua Popa — Put in driveway, dig hole for house and another for detached garage at 2498 E. Popa Rd. ($140).

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