2018-04-26 / Letters

Individual rights lost with ‘social democrats’ in control

To the editor:

In a recent letter to TLE, Mr. W.D. Bushey appears to like the label; “Social Democrat” for his views and yet doesn’t like the comparison with Communism. It has been my observation that anything containing the word social, socialist or socialism as it relates to a political philosophy strongly favors the state as opposed to the individual when it comes to important questions like “freedom.”

I know that Mr. Bushey would abhor being compared in any way to a Nazi, but in truth the Nazi Party in Germany during World War II was in reality the National Socialist German Workers’ Party incorporating theories of “Social Darwinism” and “National Socialism” (to distinguish themselves from the Social Democrats and International Socialism or the Communist Party).

In China the power of the state goes to the extent that it controls the number of children a couple are permitted. I prefer our system of government in the US with its warts and freedom.

Charles E. Skinner
P.O Box 63, Glen Arbor

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