2018-05-03 / Letters

Solar tour part of process to combat climate instability

To the editor:

Non-profit Northport Energy’s Earth Day solar tour was a great educational event that showcased Leelanau as a County taking a lead in advocating and implementing renewable energy such as wind and solar. Why is this important? Not only has renewable energy become increasingly cost effective but its use has the potential to decrease the exorbitant carbon emissions which are the waste products from burning fossil fuels, the primary contributors to climate instability.

The local residential and commercial Solar Tour sites available for viewing were staffed by knowledgeable Northport Energy representatives who added excellent and informative details along with fact sheets all of which certainly enhanced the experience of the visitors. Kate Thornhill’s homemade cookies at the Leo Creek Preserve site were an added bonus.

The capstone of the Solar Tour was perhaps the film shown in the Suttons Bay theater as well as the follow up panel discussion. The film showed up-to-date information on the current and potential direction of the “emerging, unstoppable, renewable energy revolution”. Stimulating questions from the audience then gave the expert and highly knowledgeable panel members opportunities to shed light on local renewable energy efforts and challenges as well as highlight current and future projects underway locally and regionally.

Northport Energy, their Outreach Committee, and member Lois Bahle who took the lead in planning much of this Event, provided a great educational opportunity for the public to learn more about the hopeful and do-able energy solutions available. More educational events are planned for this summer. Anyone is welcome to attend Northport Energy’s monthly meetings held on the second Thursday of each month at the Northport Highlands beginning at 9am.

More information: www.northportenergy.org

Ann and Doug Mclnnis

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