2018-05-10 / Leelanau Log

Construction Code Authority

Village of Empire

James D. Foltz and Sallanne Morris (Harriger Construction Inc.) Construct residential add/alteration – replace existing deck with sunroom at 11750 S. Roen Drive ($11,880).

Linda M. Chase (Harriger Construction Inc.) Construct residential addition; remove portion of deck and entryway to add finish/conditioned garage, add front entry porch addition, alterations of main floor and finished basement at 11364 S. Lacore Road ($197,230).

John D. and Marcie M. Murphey (Elmers Crane and Dozer Inc.) Demolition of residence, detached garage, and storage building at 10200 W. Niagara Street ($1).

Village of Suttons Bay

Matthew and Cady S. Hall (Self) Construct residential/add/alteration: lower level, extend east basement wall and interior alteration. Main level: interior alteration, deck and retaining wall at 115 E. Concord Street ($68,465).

Bingham Township

Mark R. and Marjorie A. Leggett Trust (Power Home Solar LLC) Construct residential ground mount solar array with 12 Modules at 4340 S. Forthill Drive ($20,880).

Jeffrey S. and Richard J. Van Rhee (Self) Construct alteration to single family dwelling main floor at 7900 S. West Bay Shore Drive ($27,000).

Richard W. and Karen L. Reyhl (Self) Construct residential alteration – remove two skylights and build shed roof dormer over same opening, install two awning type windows in bedroom at 2998 S. Center Highway ($9,360).

Brian Potter and Joan Jedele (Dustin N. Collier) Construct residential alterations: install new LP Smart siding, Jeld- Win windows and new roof. Addition: new covered porch and pergola over garage entrance at 6110 S. West Bay Shore Drive ($60,000).

Centerville Township

Township of Centerville (Easling Construction Company) Construct commercial alterations to existing lower level for meeting room (A-3 Use), Treasurers Office (B Use) and Family assisted bathroom. Total Occupant load “15” and new wood frame covered entry at 5001 S. French Road ($58,410).

Elmwood Township

Robert F. and Patty L. Kratochvil (Leelanau Construction LLC) Construct single family dwelling, one story, wood frame, unfinished basement, main floor, covered porch, deck and unfinished attached garage at 7571 E. Meadows Drive ($215,990).

Jeffrey C. Oren and Teresa A. Schmidt (Ayers Basement System) Residential repair – install 79 feet of interior drain tile to waterproof basement at 10820 S. Orchard Way ($7,210).

David A. Clark Trust (Vince Meyer Enterprises LLC) Remove old siding and repair water damage, new siding at 8030 S. Lakeview Road ($112,000).

Empire Township

David C. and Nancy A. Friend (Self) Change of contractor to complete project, refer to PB 17-419 at 9987 W. Friend Street ($0).

Kasson Township

Georgia A. Bronson (Self) Relocation of 1980 mobile home (62’x14’) on piers from 3050 Columbus St. to 2626 W. Empire Highway ($5,000).

Charles D. and Mary E. MacDonald (Kenneth H. Kalchik) Construct commercial alterations; three new openings in roof structure, two openings for exhaust fan ducting and one opening for makeup air unit at 8654 S. Maple City Road ($30,000).

Curt Harfst and Barbara Drow Harfst (Hubbell Construction Inc.) Construct residential post frame storage building with unfinished interior at 9318 S. Nash Road ($28,800).

Leland Township

Dawn T. Lund and Christopher B. Lund (Self) Construct residential addition/ alteration of existing crawlspace, main and second floors, deck and attached garage with finished interior at 2458 N. Manitou Trail ($148,680).

Robert J. and Theresa K. Bunek (Build Solid Renovations LLC) Roof repair – approximately 12 squares of Owens Corning sierra gray oakridge shingles at 114 W. Louisa Street ($9,082).

Suttons Bay Township

Elizabeth Channer (Roy D. Nichols) Construct single family alterations; second floor two bedroom addition over existing storage room and replacing windows at 3080 N. Setterbo Road ($32,250).

Summary of Building Permits

Value of Permits during last week: $1,042,238
Total Value of 2018 Permits through May 3, 2018: $14,391,478
As of May 4, 2017: $11,278,763
As of May 6, 2016: $12,817,141
As of May 16, 2013: $8,979,155
No. of Permits for April 27, 2018 to May 3, 2018: 18
Total number of permits for 2018: 208
As of May 4, 2017: 154
As of May 6, 2016: 110
As of May 16, 2013: 106
No. of 2018 new housing permits through May 3, 2018: 37
No. of 2017 new housing permits through May 4, 2017: 19
Total value of new housing permits for 2018: $8,662,698
Total value of new housing permits for 2017: $4,525,035

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