2018-05-10 / Leelanau Log

Soil Erosion Permits

Bingham Township

West Wind Resort – (Lake Shore Marine Construction) Excavation to replace seawall-dredge at 5853 West Wind Drive ($100).

Centerville Township

Marc Wallach – (Popp Excavating Inc.) Demolition of existing “A” frame structure crawl space footings, new well and septic system at 4971 S. Camelot Drive ($140).

Elmwood Township –

Cycle Path LLC – (Reimer Building Inc.) Excavation to construct a single story single family home on a “on grade foundation” at 10471 E. Grandview Road, Suite C ($140).

Matt Groleau/Traverse Outdoor Inc. – (Stever Excavating Inc.) Excavation to install rock facing and stairway and to level area near M-22 at 10681 S. West Bayshore Drive ($140).

RW Popp/Doug Corwin – (RW Popp Excavating) Excavation to remove stump and 4 cubic yards of material at 9455 E. Walkabout Lane ($100).

Empire Township

Jeff and Cheri Weedman/Zimmerman – (Zimmerman LC) Excavation to install shoreline riprap, cut ice push, plant above riprap, re-grade turf area, driveway, install plantings, raised beach area at 8424 S. South Point Road ($125).

Brian and Sarah Flynn – (Dale Boone) Excavation for 10x13’ master bath addition on west side and 4x26’ addition to dining room on east side of home at 8540 S. Point Road ($140).

Ron Bishop – (Self) Excavation for Condo-Pole building at 12777 Benzonia Trail ($218).

John and Marcie Murphy – (Elmer’s) Demolish of existing home and building a new one and new septic at 10200 Niagara Street ($140).

Leelanau Township

John Shoemaker – (Earthworks Excavating LLC) Excavation to relocate soil along road edge and fill a small draw with the spoils at 9760 E. Peterson Road ($140).

Chris Evans – (Kal Excavating) Excavation for a pole barn enter lot from 4720 at 4706 N. Omena Point Road ($140).

Paul and Margaret Sloan – (Biggs Construction SVC) Excavation to demolish existing house, rebuild new one, deck, entryway, driveway work and septic system at 7329 N. Gulls Pier Road ($140).

Don and Diane Sheets – (Northern Michigan Hardscapes) Excavation to add topsoil in front yard, plant abgorites. Repair existing seawall and rebuild seawall at 227 E. Fourth Street ($125).

Solon Township

William Vogt – (Weber Excavating) Demolish existing detached garage and concrete slab below it and removed from property at 8501 S. Lake Shore Drive ($140).

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