2018-05-10 / Letters

Do more to explain property tax rates; tax on non-voters

To the editor:

I find it curious that the Enterprise coverage of tax referenda is filled with references to mils, but never speaks about what the referendum, if approved, will cost a property owner.

It would seem to me property owners would be far more interested and far better informed if they understood what the vote represents to them in terms of dollar increases on their tax bill.

I would suggest you give this consideration in future articles, or perhaps offer an explanation regarding how mils can be calculated by each property owner.

One solution I would offer is to calculate what the millage rate, if approved, would translate into costs for a taxable value of $100,000. I chose $100,000 because it is an amount that is easily multiplied or subdivided. Thus, the tax cost on a $500,000 property or the tax cost on a $50,000 property is easily calculated by the affected homeowner, farmer or commercial property owner.

I also found the Northport referendum story ironically humorous in a sad sort of way. Didn’t the colonists fight a Revolutionary War over the concept of no taxation without representation?

And, here we have Michigan law sanctioning the imposition of local tax burden on non-voters. Lovely concept. How very civic minded we are.

Doug Whitley
P. O. Box 205

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Well written.

Well written.