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Picture show at Omena

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A MYSTERY/THRILLER film is being made in and near Omena. Here’s a photo taken inside the production. A MYSTERY/THRILLER film is being made in and near Omena. Here’s a photo taken inside the production. Something exciting — even thrilling — has been happening at Sunset Lodge. A feature-length mystery/thriller film is being shot right here in Leelanau County. Most of the film is being shot at Sunset Lodge, as well as at the Putnam Farm in Omena and locations in Northport. The title of the movie is “HAG,” and its release is expected some time in 2019. The shooting began in late April and should wrap up by mid-June.

The two directors/script writers are native Michiganders and one of them has connections to Leelanau County. The cast and crew are from all over, some locally and other parts of Michigan, as well as California, Tennessee, Mississippi.

* * *

Omena was saddened by the death of Walter Gaudette last week. Walter and his wife, Beverly, began their connection with Omena in 1978 when they purchased the building that had been the home of Omena founder Rev. Peter Dougherty. The building was in terrible condition, and the Gaudettes, knowing nothing of Omena history at that time, intended to tear it down and build new. Thanks to local historian Betty Craker Armstrong, now deceased, and thanks to the Gaudettes who cared about the community of which they were about to become part, they restored the historic home.

Omena got its first glimpses of Walter’s ability, ingenuity, and determination during the six years that it took him, along with Beverly and family, friends and new neighbors at times, to restore the building himself. The region is indebted to their willingness to preserve the historic building.

Walter and Beverly soon proved to be wonderful neighbors. Walter was always available to help a neighbor who needed a helping hand — or a creative solution to a problem. Walter loved being on Omena Bay, and had several boats over the years with which to enjoy the water. The stories of his boating projects and adventures are legion.

Our sympathies go to his whole family. He will be missed by his Omena friends and neighbors.

* * *

Happy Birthday to Jan Morgan and to twins Jayla and Hadrian Peterson, who turn three this week. Happy Anniversary to Peter and Trish Van Dusen and to Dan and Chrysti Duffiney.

Editor’s note: Omena News this week has left one story untold. The Disches bought a new Apple computer Tuesday, and while at the store penned and sent the column. But there was a glitch in the file, which I didn’t notice until Tuesday evening. I had set aside the space but had to leave the office for a previous commitment, and didn’t get to the column until about 9 p.m. Debby hit new levels of frustration trying to get us a column she and Les had already written. We finally gave up at about 10 p.m.

Guess who arrived in our parking lot at 7 a.m. Wednesday? Yes, Debby with her shiny, new computer, which Enterprise composition department manager Mike Anderson tinkered with until it worked. She was adamant that two big news items for Omena — and for Leelanau County — get in the paper this week.

Thank you to the Disches and to Glen Lake News correspondent Bill Thompson for your dedication to telling the stories of your communities.

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