2018-05-17 / Letters

Hubbell’s column calms after reading angry letters to editor

To the editor:

Amy (Hubbell), thank you, thank you! Thank you for the warm and heartfelt tribute to the French settlers of Leelanau County, in this case, Urb LaCross. I also knew Urb and Fif. Reaching way back through generations, we are related. The LaCrosses, the Couturiers, the Belangers, the Plamondons, and other French settlers were all big families, boisterous, happy, and it seemed to me always singing in French. They worked hard and played hard. And they thanked God every day for their life in America.

I especially needed that article because I get so upset after reading the rantings of some very angry bitter people up there — most likely retired from downstate? — who have sent these angry, bitter rantings to the editor of the Leelanau Enterprise. It is getting so that I look to see who wrote the letter, and if it is the same angry, bitter people as the weeks and months before, I will skip over and read something that will lift my spirits. Case in point: “Au revoir to my great uncle, the interpreter.”

I have saved your tribute and will read it over the next time the letters to the Editor make me crazy. Thanks again, Amy!

Cathy Belanger Bruckman
Grand Rapids

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