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So-called president denies global warming; it’s getting worse

To the editor:

It’s amazing how some people, including our so-called “president,” continue to deny the existence of global warming, despite the almost universal agreement among climate scientists that it is happening, and we are causing it. The Union of Concerned Scientists website cites many studies, all showing at least 90 percent agreement on this issue.

*According to the NASA website, 17 of the 18 warmest years on record have occurred since 2001. Last year the global average temperature was almost 1 degree Celsius (1.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above the long-term average — a bit less than the year before (the warmest year on record), but the trend is still clear.

Furthermore a May 3 article in the Washington Post notes that climate scientists have been shocked by a dramatic loss of ice on the Bering Sea this year. The apparent cause was a mid- February temperature surge, up to 45 degrees above normal. “February and March ice levels were as low as far back as scientists can reconstruct, dating back more than 160 years. Now, the ice is almost entirely gone — just 10 percent of normal levels as of the end of April.”

But facts don’t appear to have any influence on deniers. It seems it would be too embarrassing for them to have to take back their denials.

Barbara Abbott
E. Horn Rd.
Lake Leelanau

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According to our scientists

According to our scientists the earth has gone thru somewhere between 5-7 ice ages - The last ice age approximately 10,000 years ago. Ten thousand years ago there were no automobiles, trains, boats or planes burning fossil fuels and you couldn’t blame us mere mortals. Please share with us what you believe caused the warming after each ice age, and why you would discount these possibilities today. I look forward to your explanation.