2018-05-24 / Courts

Repeat offender gets jailtime

A 60-year-old Suttons Bay man was sentenced this week in District Court jail after pleading guilty to an alcohol-related driving offense.

Daniel E. Joupperi, 60, of 941 S. Elm St., Suttons Bay received a 150- day sentence after pleading guilty earlier this month to second-offense operating while intoxicated. He was originally charged with third-offense OWI.

According to police reports Joupperi drove March 9 to work at a party store on M-22. His blood-alcohol content at the time he drove was tested at between .33 and .34 — more than four times the legal limit of .08 and twice the .17 BAC designated for “super drunk” drivers.

Joupperi has two previous drunk driving convictions: one in Traverse City that dates back to 2006 and a second in Leelanau County recorded in 2015.

He was ordered to pay $1,250 fines and costs. Community corrections will review the case.

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