2018-05-24 / Letters

On the dossier, sold uranium, drug cartels and IRS corruption

To the editor:

Inauguration day’s “Resistance Rally” against America’s duly elected president, boorishly disrespectful! Machiavellian Hillary bankrolled Democrat’s fictitious “Russian Dossier.” Obama’s cohorts lied, spied, “unmasked” Americans, and planted unverified, defamatory rhetoric, triggering Democrats revengeful “Mueller” investigation.

Above-the-law politicians, whose oath of office “pledged” they’d “preserve, protect and defend America’s Constitution,” masquerading as America’s protectors and Constitution guardians whilst defying laws and obstructing justice.

Hillary’s ... unsecured emails jeopardized America’s security. Hillary pulverized “subpoenaed” government property, aka evidence of Hillary’s unindicted felony. Angelic Hillary’s “exonerated” before her FBI interrogation.

Reject “deeply enmeshed in the rule of law” Hillary and you’re “un- American, irredeemable, racist, deplorables!”

Obama and Hillary blamed and imprisoned an innocent man for Benghazi’s tragedy. Together they deceived Congress, silenced the FBIs Russian bribery investigation, then sold 20 percent of America’s uranium to Russia, coincidently after Hillary’s $145 million “foundation donation.”

Gunrunning to Mexican drug cartels ended with American bloodshed and Eric Holder “censured for contempt of Congress.” Lois Learner’s IRS corruption, unpunished. The FBI’s and DOJ’s corrupters, unpunished. Comey’s “higher loyalty,” stealing and leaking FBI documents, unpunished.

“Americans are deplorables, illegals are dreamers, NRA organization — almost terrorists!” Obama’s unsecured borders, undermining Americans, beckoning illegals, empowering Mexican/Hezbollah cartels to import illicit drugs alongside probable terrorists and invading MS-13 gang members. Half of America’s population now lives in “Sanctuary Cities” running out of taxpayer’s money, unlawfully providing free-for-all assistance and brazenly registering illegals to vote.

“Nobel Peace” recipient Obama, aka America’s military eliminator became tyrannical Iran’s enabler. Self-proclaimed “scandal free” Obama’s “pen and phone” singlehandedly circumvented Congress, thereby gifting Iranian’s chanting “death to America” airplanes loaded with cash plus $150 billion for worldwide terrorism and annihilating America, almost making “impeached” Bill’s North Korean gifting look respectable.

Godspeed America.

Mary L Bowen
PO Box 116

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