2018-05-24 / Sports

Sports bring us together

By Grant McPherson
Of the Enterprise Staff

Taking down scores and writing a story about it is one thing, but when you actually sit down out there and watch these Leelanau kids play their hearts out it is something special to see. Everyone comes together as a team, and everyone has each other's back, no matter the situation on the field.

In my early time here, I have only been able to see a handful of games. At these games, everyone is very friendly, and everyone plays each sport with passion. This is our sports family. This family isn’t very different from our normal family, just a bunch of brothers and sisters we have come to know and play with out on the field.

Each sport is different when it comes to the team atmosphere and how the team reacts to certain situations, but everyone gets along and wants to win. To quote almost everyone: “Winning isn’t everything.”

Winning indeed isn’t everything, having fun playing the sport should be just as big as a victory. When I was younger, all my parents would ask after a game they couldn’t make it to was if I had fun. Some people say that if you’re not having fun, then why would you want to do it?

It’s very difficult to get behind something if you aren’t passionate about it. You lose your drive, competitive edge and plainly your will to try anymore. That’s why it is always so important that you find something you enjoy doing, rather then settling for something that you won’t like.

I see these athletes doing just that. They have found a sport they really enjoy and it makes them happy to play and be out there on that field. Seeing the smiles and happy faces, no matter the score, always makes everyone just enjoy what they’re doing so much more.

Meeting the coaches and listening to how they talk about their players, it just brings a smile to my face. As a former athlete, I always loved it when my coach would talk about how good we all were, and these coaches are just like that.

Leelanau has some of the nicest coaches and people I have ever met and it just makes me and everyone else happy to see these coaches and athletes getting along so well and playing the game the right way.

Effort is the big key when it comes to playing sports. If you don’t have passion and effort, then you really shouldn’t be out there on the field. Leelanau has already shown me they put in the time and the effort to be there for each other and have the drive to get better at whatever sport they may be participating in.

Going to a big school, there were kids who took playing on a team for granted and didn’t really show much effort. Here, everyone shows up and plays their best for everyone and wants to show what they can do each day, no matter what. Once you make the team and sign up to play, you have to try your best and do whatever the team needs you to do.

Leelanau has shown me how much they care about one another. At a Suttons Bay double header, the baseball and softball teams were there for each other, and during their double headers, they would go watch one another in between games. This shows how much support these schools and teams give to each other, something I haven’t really seen in the past.

It makes me happy to think about how well everyone gets along. It makes being up here in Leelanau worth it so much more. Some people only come up here for the summer, but the people who live up here get to experience this great county everyday and it’s amazing.

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Well written with a very

Well written with a very personal approach. Speaks well of the people in the area.