2018-05-31 / Courts

Bingham woman ordered to leave meters alone

A 63-year-old Bingham Township woman had two counts of fraudulent use of a public utility dismissed Tuesday in 86th District Court.

Heatherlee Yorty faced the misdemeanor charges after she hired a private electrician to replace Cherryland Electric Cooperative’s automated metering system in favor of two outdated models.

The automated meters— installed for every Cherryland customer since 2008— sends radio signals through power lines to provide updated electricity readings for company officials. The equipment eliminates the need for employees to physically travel to read each meter.

Yorty claims electromagnetic frequencies coming from the meters have caused her to have health problems.

A motion to drop the charges initially failed early Tuesday in court.

However, following pretrial conference, the charges were dismissed with prejudice after Yorty agreed to “never interfere with (Cherryland) property again.”

“With prejudice” means she cannot be charged again for the same offense, said Doug Donaldson, chief assistant county prosecutor.

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