2018-05-31 / Leelanau Log

Construction Code Authority

Village of Northport

David Sillence and Julie Whalls (Self) Construct residential detached unfinished garage, main floor and unfinished second level at 551 S. Shore Drive ($22,880).

Northport Store All LLC (Self) Construct commercial new TRACHTE steel mini-storage building, one story, “II B” Type, “S-1” Use, Total occupant load “5” at 1030 E. Mill Street E ($169,920).

Centerville Township

Eric J. and Robin R. Koffman (Self) Construct residential detached garage at 6440 E. Glazier Drive ($12,400).

Empire Township

6444 W. Empire Hwy LLC (Self) Demolish single family dwelling, two story on crawl space at 6444 W. Empire Hwy ($0).

Glen Arbor Township

Michael E. Seymour (Kevin Hall Builder Inc.) Construct single family dwelling, one story, wood frame, crawl space, main floor, covered porch and unfinished attached garage at 3200 W. Trumbull Road ($79,560).

Leelanau Township

Jose Navarro (Sum Bridges Construction and Ma) Construct single family dwelling, two story, wood frame on slab, main floor and second floor at 11690 E. Freeland Road ($27,000).

Carol G. Berendsohn (Richard Parker Builder LLC) Addition to single family dwelling, one story wood frame on crawl space, main floor, covered porch and interior alterations at 8566 N. West Bay Shore Drive ($48,330).

Kevin Sauvage (Self) Construct residential addition – covered porch at 13031 N. Knollwood Drive ($6,300).

Doreen A. Lawton (Matthew A. Krantz) Construct residential addition – Dormers, includes 3 new windows, hand railing and guard on existing stairway at 6093 N. Jacobson Road ($9,720).

Solon Township

Scott G. and Cynthia L. Rollenhagen (Self) Construct residential deck addition with steps at 8145 S. Rustic Drive ($3,800).

William G. Vogt and Claire M. Eberwein (Self) Residential Demolition of detached garage including underlying concrete slab at 8501 S. Lake Shore Drive ($0).

Summary of Building Permits

Value of Permits during last week: $379,910
Total Value of 2018 Permits through May 24, 2018:
As of May 25, 2017: $14,963,395
As of May 26, 2016: $18,057,174
As of May 30, 2013: $10,118,072
No. of Permits for May 18, 2018 to May 24, 2018: 11
Total number of permits for 2018: 248
As of May 25, 2017: 208
As of May 26, 2016: 161
As of May 30, 2013: 124
No. of 2018 new housing permits through May 24, 2018: 48
No. of 2017 new housing permits through May 18, 2017: 25
Total value of new housing permits for 2018: $10,886,998
Total value of new housing permits for 2017: $5,769,795

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