2018-05-31 / Letters

‘Hate’ list grows, but author doesn’t hate president

To the editor:

The highest evolved species on this beautiful planet is the only one that hates it’s own kind with a passion. A recent submitter to these pages was so filled with hate, lies and name calling that I wonder what possibly damaged the writer’s early childhood or what terrible trauma befell them in the last nine years to sour them so completely against the majority of their fellow countrymen.

After 284 words of contempt, innuendo and outright falsehoods, to reference a God of love, peace and compassion in an attempt to gain some moral high ground falls extremely flat.

I am a member of that “resistance,” but I do not hate the person who resides in the Oval Office. My particular God doesn’t allow my heart or my mind to be darkened by that emotion. However, I am allowed to hate the policies currently being enacted by this administration “supposedly” on my behalf.

I hate the fact that school children and their parents live in fear of gun violence everyday. That innocent Black Americans will be shot holding a cell phone. That indigenous people are still having their culture and lands exploited. Innocent laborers can be arrested, detained and deported as if they were a commodity. Walls to be built and wars waged while tens of thousands of American children will brush their teeth tonight with poisoned water and go to bed hungry.

I hate that the extremely wealthy now contribute next to nothing while so many Americans struggle without health care. That the marginalized, the vulnerable and the elderly can be so readily abandoned. That public education has been cut to the bone. Environmental destruction. That any news story not highly praising our president is immediately labeled as “fake”.

Unfortunately, this hate list gets longer everyday.

Godspeed World.

John Hunter
E. Melissa Dr.
Traverse City

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