2018-06-07 / Letters

New Palmer Woods trails good for community

To the editor:

Kudos to the Leelanau Conservancy for welcoming mountain bike trails within their Palmer Woods property! Not only will this enhance an already desirable area for those who visit, but it will undoubtedly open up more opportunities for those of us that live and work here in Leelanau County.

We feel that by having Palmer Woods available to use by everyone (hikers, skiers, and soon…bikers), it will especially benefit families with young children. Statistics have long proven that kids who are encouraged to engage in physical activities at a young age grow to be more active, healthy, and confident adults. We applaud the Leelanau Conservancy and their efforts to promote not only more recreational options for Leelanau County, but also their positive impact for generations to come.

Molly Steck
E. Kirt Rd.
Lake Leelanau

Also contributing to this letter was Steck’s fellow Bike Leelanau co-founder, Cody Sprattmoran.

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