2018-06-07 / Letters

Seniors ‘may look old but we are not stupid’

To the editor:

Seniors are often warned about phone and internet scams. I found out that scams are performed locally in T.C.

My new license plate and tag (birthday in May) arrived in the mail. I tried getting the screws out by myself, but they were rusted on. At the (dealer in Traverse City) I was told this job would cost me $500. At (another dealer) I was quoted 1 hour’s work and $52.95. I went to Clarke’s Service on Bingham Road and it took 1 minute and cost me a total of $10.00 to change those plates.

As the saying goes ... it pays to shop around.

My advice to businesses is that seniors may look old but we are not stupid.

Thank you!
Marsha Gillispie
S. Lake Ct., Traverse City

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Looks like the dealer just

Looks like the dealer just didn't want to do it.