2018-06-14 / Leelanau Log

Soil Erosion Permits

Village of Northport

Rick and Andrea Boudah – (North Haven Construction) Excavation for installing a 12x20’ deck and stairs at 215 S. Waukazoo ($90).

Bingham Township

Dorian and Darlene Dybas – (T Basch Inc.) Excavation for residential home, garage, deck, patio, driveway and septic system at 6815 Rolling Hills Drive ($280).

Quality Associates TC LLC – (Socks Construction Custom Homes) Excavation to construct duplex, decks and patio at 5659 S. West Bayshore Drive ($140).

Brian and Donna Nelson – (Seeco Contracting) Excavation for a one story residence with walkout basement, septic system and gravel drive at 2445 S. Orchard Drive ($140).

David and Kelly Hajak – (Kal Excavating) Excavation to install a low pressure system/ mound septic system at 3776 S. Lee Point Road ($140).

Centerville Township

HB Construction (Dan Burrill) – (Leelanau Redi-Mix) Excavation for new home construction at 4815 S. Green Ct. ($140).

Leelanau Pines Campground – (Self) Excavation for general maintenance when needed at campground at 6500 Leelanau Drive ($100).

Carl and Tracy Cooper – (Socks Construction) Demolition, basement excavation, and new home construction at 4341 S. Lakeshore Drive ($140).

Elmwood Township

Randall Brown – (Popp Excavating) Regrade incline add 80/20 gravel to control erosion grade surface and manage erosion at top of stair at 11896 S West Bayshore Drive ($90).

Glen Arbor Township

Pat and Guy Combs – (MKN Excavating) Excavation for a new home, garage and holding tanks. Reinstall silt fence, pave parking area and complete final grade at 6060 W. Crystal Bend ($125).

Leelanau Township

Jim Click – (Easling Construction) Excavation to remove blown in sand from in front of walkout doors at 8841 N. Gills Pier Road ($90).

John Christopherson – (Mark Kellogg) Excavation for a 849 sq. ft. addition of bath screened porch, dining and bedroom, old bedroom to become office at 12527 N. Island View Drive ($140).

Josh Schulze – (Frederickson Service) Excavation to repair beach area from heavy rains grade and add some sand at 7748 N. Cove Road ($140).

Donald D’Annunzio – (Frederickson Service) Excavation to install landscaping beds, retaining wall and crushed stone around house and property at 12563 N. Island View Drive ($140).

Leland Township

Kelly S. Karcher – (Jason Sparling) Excavation private drive with sloped driveway, grading filling for foundation and structures at 2171 Birch Le Dr ($140).

Layne Flick – (Peninsula Excavating) Excavation for dredging, removing dock, constructing a new dock, install bioengineered shoreline protection using coir log and native wetland plantings, place approx. 5 cubic yards of rip rap of shoreline by the existing boathouse at 381 N. Twin Pines ($140).

Suttons Bay Township

Michael Seagrist – (Gordon Standfest Builder LLC) Excavation for a new detached garage at 191 S. Nanagosa Trail ($140).

David Cobb – (Dan Haswell) Excavation to build a new 22x32 garage at 173 S. Nanagosa Trail ($140).

John Bevington – (Paul Maurer General Contracting) Excavation for a new house, garage, covered porches, driveway and septic system at 1586 N. West Bayshore Drive ($140).

William and Kim Straley – (Priced Right Builders, Inc.) Excavation for new home construction with garage and porch at 106 W. Summerset Ct. #9 ($140).

Tom McMillan/Rick Greenup – (Ken Mork) Excavation to replacing existing deck at 1366 N. Pebble Beach ($140).

Tracy and Erin Smith – (Northwest Builders) Excavation for deck construction around home perimeter with walkway to road, repair section of wooden retaining wall along beach bluff at 488 S. Shore Drive ($80).

John Cafaro – (Easling Construction) Excavation and backfill for pole building and driveway at 1852 S. Simon Road ($280).

John Cafaro – (Easling Construction) Excavate for new home, garage, decks, patio and holding tanks at 1852 S. Simon Road ($140).

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