2018-06-14 / Letters

Editorial took advantage of Empire council members

To the editor:

I read with dismay your recent opinion on the Village of Empire lawsuit. Your ability to read a filed legal complaint was admirable, your knowledge of the facts was not. It should be noted that not all claims within a lawsuit are necessarily true and that is what the courts are for. At some point in time I can only hope that your paper will begin to report fairly and responsibly.

It is unfortunate that once a suit is filed defendants generally are asked by legal counsel to not engage in their own defense regarding the suit. You know this and chose to take advantage of them politically by using your editorial powers to criticize their behavior, which you never personally witnessed yourself.

You also chose to publicize the one claim that unfairly casts doubts and clouds over a clerk that served her village for 40+ years, and you sought with your final comments to minimize the concern of 5 of the 7 Village Council members over the handling of Village financial records, and other legal requirements.

As time goes on the both sides of the story will be told. I will save you the time and as a matter of full disclosure my wife is named in the suit filed against her personally and the people of the Village of Empire, but that doesn’t change my opinion of your sly editorial comments.

Phil Deering
P.O. Box 67

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