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Looking Back...

5 YEARS AGO June 20, 2013

Three or four days a week Suttons Bay resident Pete Ostrowski throws his bike on a bus and rides to his job in Traverse City. The 61-year-old then cycles home, taking advantage of the newly-paved Leelanau Trail to get some fresh air and exercise, save some money on gas and do his bit to help the environment. For all but the most avid cyclists, a 30-mile-plus bike ride can be exhausting. So in July the Bay Area Transportation Authority is rolling out a solution: the Bike-n-Ride program.

* * *

Early childhood development advocates kept their will and found a way to get their request for a $68,000 grant to the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians (GTB). Spurned last week by the Leelanau County Board of Commissioners, a majority of whose members at the time said they only planned to forward five 2 percent grants generated from county governments to the GTB for approval.

* * *

Our nightmare is over.” While county administrator Chet Janik’s propensity for history played into his description of the end of a six-year environmental lawsuit over the Northport sewer, some parallels do exist between the suit’s settlement and President Gerald Ford’s comments in 1975 following the resignation of Richard Nixon. The sewer lawsuit, and who would pay for it, has at times consumed the attention of governments in Leelanau County In the end, it was the people involved, not the attorneys who drove much of the process, who put an end to the controversy.

10 YEARS AGO June 19, 2008

Glen Lake resident Mike Litch attended a public forum hosted by the National Park Service at the Glen Arbor Township Hall at least partially to learn if his instinct was shared by others. He had found little to dislike in a proposed General Management Plan, which surprised him. “I went to see if there were any objections — and there weren’t,” said Litch.

* * *

It’s difficult to believe that an industry less than 20-years-old could be saturated, but new Indian casino complexes built in Manistee and Petoskey were squeezing winnings from the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. The sparkling new Turtle Creek Casino in Whitewater Township was designed to change that, placing slot machines a short walk from hotel rooms in a setting that reflects the glitter of the business.

* * *

Did the Leelanau County Commission on Aging violate state campaign finance laws last week when it purchased an advertisement in this newspaper that appeared to advocate for a “yes” vote on a senior citizen millage on the Aug. 5 Primary Election ballot? “Well, it appears they may have crossed the line and I wish they had shown me that ad before they placed it,” said county clerk Michelle Crocker,

35 YEARS AGO June 23, 1983

Final arguments before federal District Judge Noel P. Fox are set for 2 p.m. July 12 in the 5½-year-old condemnation case of N. Manitou Island. Attorneys for the island-owning Angell Foundation and the federal government will debate at the hearing on whether or not Fox should accept the majority decision of the condemnation panel which set the island’s worth at $9.2 million.

* * *

Leland’s arsenic-murder case is scheduled for a week-long Circuit Court jury trial in mid-August. A murder by-poisoning charge and two companion counts of felonious poisoning against Mrs. Karen J. Belknap, are scheduled to be tried from Monday, Aug. 15, through Friday, Aug. 19 the trial through Friday, Aug. 19. The trial date was scheduled late last week by court officials.

* * *

Groundbreaking is expected “right after July 4” on an 18-unit apartment complex in Empire, one of three partners involved said Monday. Fred Schmidt of Schmidt Real Estate in Traverse City said the apartments should be completed by September or October.

60 YEARS AGO June 26, 1958

Seven beautiful girls, representing as many communities in Leelanau County, have entered the Cherry Queen contest which will be held tonight, Thursday, at Traverse City, to determine who will reign as queen for the next year. Each of the seven girls reflect, to a high degree, beauty, poise, charm and the “All- American girl” personality, according to Joyce of Leland.

* * *

The Braund Plywood company of Northport has added a second shift at the factory to meet the increased demands for its plywood products, according to W.R. Braund, company president. The company, which manufactures doors for house trailers, had been operating on a six-day week schedule since early this year.

* * *

Federal funds for Leland harbor were included in a Public works Bill passed Thursday by the House of Representatives, according to Congressman Robert P. Griffin. The Bill now has gone to the Senate. Griffin said the Bill provides $8,800 for a study of existing harbor facilities by the Corps of Engineers.

133 YEARS AGO June 18, 1885

Owing to poor fishing on this shore, some of our fishermen have left for the Manitous.

* * *

Some beautiful speckle trout are being taken out of the stream and millpond in Northport.

* * *

Rain is badly needed.

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