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After med school, a tragic accident

by Amy Hubbell
of the Enterprise staff

DR. ALEXANDER Hang died in a one-car crash on May 24 — three days before his graduation from medical school at Wayne State University.DR. ALEXANDER Hang died in a one-car crash on May 24 — three days before his graduation from medical school at Wayne State University.
Maika and Vang Hang had scheduled a big party earlier this month to celebrate their son’s medical degree from Wayne State University.

Instead, the Suttons Bay couple buried their son in Flint.

Dr. Alexander Hang was killed in a one-car accident on May 24 on I-75 while driving home.

“We were going to have a big party to celebrate his graduation and his brother, Anthony’s graduation from law school, but instead we had a funeral,” said his mother, Maika.

Hang, a 2006 Suttons Bay graduate, worked at the family’s restaurant “Hang-On Express” while attending high school. He put in long hours until the restaurant locked its doors at night before going home and completing homework assignments.

He went on to earn a degree in biology from Wayne State and was scheduled to receive his doctor of medicine degree in commencement ceremonies on May 27.

“He was coming up and we were all going back together for his graduation,” Maika said. “He never made it home.”

Hang was driving on I-75 near West Branch when his vehicle ran off the road, crashed and burned about 7:30 p.m.

His last contact with his mother was about three hours earlier around 3:45 p.m.

“He said he didn’t feel well. He had a headache and had thrown up,” Maika Hang said. “I told him to stop at a gas station, get something to drink and rest a little.”

As time passed and her son didn’t arrive, Maika Hang knew something was wrong. She asked her son, Anthony, to look on the internet about possible accidents on the Interstate.

“He heard about the accident and I took a drive to see if it was him,” she said. “Before I got there, the cops came to my house asking for me. My name was on his car.”

The Hang family traveled to Flint where their son’s and brother’s body had been taken after the crash. They were unable to see him.

“Ninety percent of his body was burned,” Maika Hang said. “They told us we should remember what he was like — not after the accident.

“We didn’t get to see him at all.”

Without an opportunity to say goodbye, the family has no closure. Hang had been scheduled to spend some time at home before starting a residency in cardiatric surgery at the University of Michigan on July 1.

“I still expect to see him come through the door,” Maika Hang said.”He had worked so hard in medical school … it’s so sad.”

Hang was the oldest of the Hangs’ three children, all of whom attended Suttons Bay School. Brother Anthony graduated in 2008 and sister, Amily, in 2011.

All worked in the family business, Hang-On Express, which opened in Suttons Bay in 2004.

An account to cover funeral expenses has been established at Fifth-Third Bank.

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