2018-06-21 / Leelanau Log

Construction Code Authority

Village of Empire

Margaret and Charles D. Hodge Trust (Greg L. Brice) Temporary commercial greenhouse at 11572 S. LaCore Rd. ($12,000); John D. and Marcie M. Murphy (Wepking Construction Co,) Single-family residence with detached, finished garage and detached greenhouse at 10200 W. Niagara St., ($243,275).

Village of Suttons Bay

Patrick and Rosemary O’Neill (Kenneth A. Mork) Remove and replace shingles, siding and door at 1900 N. Macksey Rd. ($1).

Elmwood Township

Scott A. and Jamie L. Robinson —Residential postframe storage building with unfinished interior at 7588 E. Lincoln Rd., Cedar ($48,000); Richard and Christine Halbert (Schopp Constriction Inc.) Residential alteration, convert threeseason room into living quarters at 12055 S. Woodwinds Circle 23 ($11,250).

Leelanau Township

Patricia A. Evans Trust— Residential access building, two-story with finished living second level at 4706 N. Omena Point Rd. ($146,070).

Carolyn A Lautzenheider Trust (Northshore Exteriors LLC) Remove and replace shingles at 14659 N. Cathead Bay Dr. ($1).

Leland Township

Scott D. Hazlett Trust (Complete Roofing & Repair) Remove and replace shingles at 302 S. Main St. ($11,549); Robert L. Hughes Trust (Jenema Builder LLC) Residential detached garage with studio above at 1388 S. Manitou Trail ($35,750);

Glenn R. Garthe and Penny L. Conaway, residential interior alterations at 455 W. Main St. ($46,800).

Solon Township

Aaron Novak, residential demolition of mobile home at 12838 S. Cedar Rd. ($1).

Summary of Building Permits

Value of Permits during last week:

Total Value of 2018 Permits through June 14:
As of June 15, 2017:
As of June 11, 2016:
As of June 13, 2013:

No. of Permits for June 7 to June 14, 2018: 11
Total number of permits for 2018: 289
As of June 15, 2017: 268
As of June 16, 2016: 185
As of June 13, 2013: 137

No. of 2018 new housing permits through June 14, 2018:
No. of 2017 new housing permits through June 15, 2017:
Total value of new housing permits for 2018:
Total value of new housing permits for 2017:

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