2018-06-21 / Letters

Study not acknowledged in Northport Creek coverage

To the editor:

The Adams Chapter of Trout Unlimited provided the grant funding for the Leelanau Forum’s Northport Creek/Millpond Study, “A Michigan Trout Stream in Peril.” Regretfully, their vital contribution and support were not acknowledged in the Enterprise’s comprehensive Mill Pond Creek article.

The public can access the report electronically on The Adams Chapter/ Trout Unlimited website or view a hard copy of the report at the Northport Village office, the Leelanau Township office or the Leelanau Township Library. Northport Village Council Trustees received a copy of the report electronically.

The Leelanau Forum looks forward to working with our council and the larger community to address the restoration of the once jewel of the village, Northport Creek, a Michigan designated cold water trout stream.

Barbara Gilmore Weber
Vice president
The Leelanau Forum
S. Shore Drive

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