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Dick Grout, a good man

Should we reach 97 years-old, we’ll probably be lucky to keep from falling down.

Not Dick Grout. He’s jumping out of airplanes.

Mr. Grout, a World War II vet who’s been on our Leelanau favorites list for years, raised money as one of 12 Rotarians to “Jump for Polio.” The event was organized by the Elk Rapids Rotary Club.

Eighteen members of Suttons Bay Rotary and seven member’s of Grout’s church, Suttons Bay Congregational, pledged $3,150 for the cause.

Grout, as he does, downplayed his parachuting role in raising money to shed light on the project itself.

“New polio cases worldwide are now relatively few and this latest effort is to eradicate this disease completely,” he said.

It’s folks like Mr. Grout who keep the rest of us grounded.

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