2018-06-28 / Leelanau Log

Soil Erosion Permits

Bingham Township

Steven & Lynne Hunt (Leelanau Construction) —Excavation for new home at 8080 Bingham Ridge ($140).

Shady Lane Partners LLC (KAL Excavating) — Excavation for winery warehouse and storage at 9430 Shady Lane ($218).

Elmwood Township

Harbor West Marina Village Condo (Burkholder Construction) — Excavate to remove 10 +/- trees and excavate for a garage and driveway at 12661 S. Marina Village Dr. ($218).

Leelanau Township

Jefferey Zokas — Excavation to complete landscaping at 7562 N. Cove Trail ($140).

Paul McDonough (KAL Excavating) — Excavation to add 2 feet to existing covered porch and ad foundation for 3-by-8-foot fireplace at 14967 Cathead Bay Rd. ($90).

Michael and Nancy Deal (Tru North Landscaping) — Backfill against foundation to create positive drainage toward bay (boulder rip rap slope) in lake yard area. Remove existing concrete block curbing and drain stone planting beds, for new deck paver and fire pit at 13086 Forest Beach Shores ($140).

Northport Art Center LLC (Frederickson Service) — Remove tree and current landscaping on corner of Third and Mill St., replace landscape with new at 301 N. Mill St. ($90).

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