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‘Insulting the NRA is downright dishonest’

To the editor:

There is nothing problematic about pointing out that anti-gun groups, which drive the anti-gun agenda, are anti-gun. It would be more accurate to say they are anti-rights that they don’t like. I don’t care about anti-gunners’ supposed patriotic credentials; I only care about the fact that they want to suppress this basic building block of liberty. If they don’t like it they can move to Canada. Canadians don’t have half the rights we have and the ones they do have their government does not protect, even theoretically, as ours is supposed to do. There is a price to be paid for liberty. There is always risk in life and if anyone thinks government can eliminate it he/she is wrong. In the end you are personally responsible for your own safety and liberty.

Every time someone successfully shoots up a school the Left reflexively demands more anti-liberty measures. But if a resource officer stops the shooter we hear nothing about more resource officers or, God forbid, armed staff. There is no swift, sure, justice for the murderer either, unless the resource officer kills him. If the victims are not favorites of the Left, for example Republican congressmen, silence, even though the Sanders supporter who shot them used a dreaded semi-automatic rifle. If the victim is Ronald Reagan or Gerald Ford, silence.

If they are police officers, silence. If they are MS-13 victims, silence.

Insulting the NRA is downright dishonest. We do not profit from people exercising their God-given rights. We teach safe, responsible gun ownership and use. We know that most gun laws are useless, even if they were constitutional, which is why we oppose them on both grounds. We know that concealed carry reduces on-person crime. We are honest. Our enemies are not.

Charles Knapp
W. Harbor Hwy
Maple City

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Take a look some time at what

Take a look some time at what Wayne LaPierre makes in a year and tell me he's not in it for the money. The quarrel that many have with the NRA is not with the general membership, most of whom actually support universal background checks, but with the leadership who use their positions to lobby for the gun manufacturing industry. By the way, the statement that "we know most gun laws are useless" is absurd.

Owning a gun is not a

Owning a gun is not a God-given right. it is a constitutional right and is therefor subject to interpretation. I would like the conversation to focus on "gun violence" rather than gun ownership. Let's stop berating each other and work on a solution.