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Letter ‘cherry-picked’ a fact to support argument

Editor’s notes: This letter is in response to a letter criticizing a “Man on the Street” page in our Memorial Day section, which asked the following question: “Is America’s military too big, too small or just the right size?”

To the editor:

Lies, damned lies and statistics.

On June 7th Jerry Raymor blasted “a nice lady” (and) Karl Schneider’s off-the-cuff response to a Leelanau Enterprise reporter’s question to him on the size of the U.S. Military. Jerry cherry-picked one fact that supports his pathetic argument about the size of America’s military. Yes, China and India have more troops than the U.S. Would he trade for their military? Never! More facts show his faulty logic. U.S. defense spending is 3 times that of China and 12 times India’s, 5 times more aircraft than China and 7 times more than India, 12 times more aircraft carriers than both China and India. It is tied with Russia for nuclear stockpiles but has 30 times more than China and 60 times more than India.

In fact the US spends more than the next seven countries combined and it accounts for 54% of the US discretionary budget. Every Source I found ranks the U.S. as the largest military power on Earth.

Jerry stated “Facts are facts. Statements that appear to be facts should not be made without knowledge.” I have a question for Jerry. Who’s “facts” were more misleading? Basing an argument on one fact among many that should be considered, in my opinion is the definition of ignorance.

Mark Leugers
Cherry Bend Rd.
Elmwood Township

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