2018-07-05 / Letters

EMTs are professional, people are kind, and potholes are dangerous

To the editor:

In the aftermath of my bike accident on Sunday June 24 near Northport I want to express my deep-felt gratitude to the professionals at Leelanau Township Emergency Service and to the kind stranger who stopped initially to check on me. The attention I received from the EMTs was efficient, courteous, and kind.

While my injuries are severe I expect to make a full recovery by summer’s end.

My wife and I have lived in Leelanau County part time and now full time for a period of nearly 30 years. We are continuously reminded that our choice of a beautiful place to live, filled with caring and compassionate people, could not be better. Now, if we could just get the agencies in control of our road budget to fix the potholes we would truly be in one of the greatest places on earth.

John Todd
E. Johnson Road
Leelanau Township

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