2018-07-05 / Letters

Pitbulls bred to fight dogs; be careful with them

To the editor:

This day and age with an increasing number of individuals wanting to “adopt not shop” when considering adding a pet to their family, people must keep in mind the time commitment, excessive training, and discipline that comes along with caring for certain breeds, such as pit bulls.

Everyone’s heard the saying “bad dogs aren’t born, they’re raised,” however, we can’t be ignorant to the fact that some breeds are more hostile in nature than others. It’s crucial to consider the time you have to properly train your adopted pet, the environment and neighborhood in which the dog will be living, and whether you and your family are knowledgeable and prepared to take on such a strong-willed animal.

I myself have experienced and heard about numerous traumatizing close calls with rescued pit bulls and mixed breeds in Leelanau County. From near on-leash attacks, unsupervised dogs left out in yards, to young kids being allowed to walk these muscle masses around town with only a 6-foot leash preventing a major incident. Unlike Labrador retrievers that were bred to retrieve birds or Australian shepherds that were bred to herd sheep, pit bulls were bred to attack other dogs. A sad, but true reality. We must keep in mind these determined animals are, after all, animals; impulsive, strong, and sometimes aggressive.

Leelanau County is a place where children play in the streets, friendly dogs swim off-leash at public water accesses, and families don’t build privacy fences to keep things out but rather leave their yards open for neighbors to enjoy. Please be overly careful, use common sense, and be diligent about keeping your potentially dangerous dog out of bad circumstances. Nobody wants to be witness to a dog fight, especially in a situation that can easily be prevented and avoided.

Sara Anderson
N. Manitou Trail
Leland Twp.

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