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Leelanau lights a sparkler

Take a bow, Leelanau. People are talking about you, and in a good way.

The county played consummate host over the Fourth of July, providing parades, fireworks, heaping doses of patriotism and surprisingly few mishaps for a place so small yet filled to the brim with so many visitors.

Knock on wood, but residents and visitors alike seemed on their best behavior. Maybe that’s because they had so much to do.

Or maybe the county has a calming effect on all who embrace it.

Here’s a shout-out to the organizers of county events. Parades stepped off on time. The flag at Old Settlers waved proudly. Fireworks sparkled in Northport and over Lake Leelanau.

And the Declaration was read at once at county post offices - in printed form taking up about six pages, long enough to reflect on its meaning.

Participants and leaders, give yourselves an “A” for participation and performance. You pulled it off.

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