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Asylum claims ignored by the Trump adminstration

To the editor:

Politics seems to have overwhelmed the immigration discussion.

Here are a few facts in an effort to bring some reason to what otherwise seems dominated by emotion:

 Illegal immigration is at the lowest point in recent history — dramatically lower than a decade ago.

 Our constitution and laws guarantee those seeking asylum the right to a fair hearing on their claims within a reasonable period of time.

 There are legal limits to the amount of time the government can hold a child.

 Numerous credible studies find that immigrants, regardless of status, reduce violent crime in the communities in which they settle.

 Many of the mayors of border cities have said that illegal immigration is not currently a problem for them.

Here’s what has changed.

In past administrations, 90 percent of those seeking asylum presenting proof of a “credible fear” of harm if they returned to their home country were released in the US while awaiting their hearing. In the current administration, those rates have dropped to single digits.

Most asylum seekers flee their country with their whole family. Wouldn’t you?

This administration ignored asylum claims. They treated all those who cross the border as criminals. They separated over 3000 children from their parents. Courts found against the administration and ordered swift remediation. The relevant child protection agencies admitted that weren’t keeping track of who the parents were. For children under 5, the Trump administration has had to use DNA testing to find the parents.

Objecting to this program is not advocating for open borders or lawlessness. Instead it is holding the current administration accountable for failing to abide by all the laws concerning immigration.

Those trying to defend these actions on the basis of politics, media bias, or bad parenting should be ashamed.

Jeff Beamsley
S. Lakeview Rd.
Elmwood Township

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Bravo! Excellent letter.

Bravo! Excellent letter.