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Cats making strong run for mayorship

Phone/fax 386-5686

BEA KIMMERLY, Omena Presbyterian Church’s oldest member at a young 106, is escorted after worship service Sunday by member Keith Disselkoen. BEA KIMMERLY, Omena Presbyterian Church’s oldest member at a young 106, is escorted after worship service Sunday by member Keith Disselkoen. The voting for Omena Mayor closes at 5 pm today, Thursday, July 19, so get to the voting board in downtown Omena or visit the Omena Historical Society website, omenahistoricalsociety.org to vote by PayPal. As of Monday, the top five vote-getters included three dogs, one cat and a chicken.

Votes are $1 each. It’s Chicago-style voting - early and often. All proceeds benefit the Omena Historical Society.

The candidates are part of an impressive field. Both cats, Sweet Tart McKee and Blaze Renz were home-schooled. Sweet Tart, the current Vice Mayor, graduated first in her class. Blaze didn’t put his class rank on his resume, but promised to lick the competition.

Punkin Anderson-Harder, a 4-month old puppy, is currently being homeschooled. She has advanced to Sit 202, but is repeating Come 101.

Schatzi Putnam Bradley is in agility training and is adding slalom to her hurdle skills. She has been training to be mayor for the past year.

Clyde Joyce, who is the grandson of the first mayor and son of the third mayor Of Omena, graduated from Omena Youniversity with a degree in International Business and Cultural Studies, and has Kramer Ray from K9 U, with an MS - Master of Snuggles. Kramer is also a certified Pet Partners Therapy Dog.

Penny Labriola, a Lavender Orpington hen, graduated “Best in Flock”, and claims she would be an egg-cellent representative for all the peeps in Omena. Bailey Kondrat is a graduate of obedience training in Naples, FLorida. Riley Miller, on the other hand, has successfully trained both of his parents.

Diablo Shapiro was a mail-order groom originally from Texas. He has sired three children and is now a stay-at-home dad with one of them.

Harley Jones, the only goat in race and a grower of fine mohair, promises to represent rural Omena.

While Bert Martinelli, the peacock, may be the most handsome candidate, I would be concerned about his platform. He says he will appoint his wife, Gert, as Special Advisor to the Mayor, and his son, Fred, Chief of Staff.

There’s plenty of experience in the field, as well. Maya Deibel, Omena’s second mayor, has thrown her hat back in the ring. After two terms on Village Council, Brit Walker is ready for more responsibility. Taz DeWitt is one of the rescue dogs in the running, so we don’t know all of his experience, but he’s a real All American — Heinz 57 times 2.

There have been plenty of campaign promises. Bailey Adelson, endorsed by Canine O’Brien, promises no one will ‘flea’ Omena while she’s mayor!

Bailey Kondrat plans to keep Omena Chipmunk free. Duff Kemper, with one blue and one brown eye, said he can always look at both sides of an issue. And Parker Saxton promises to be doggone awesome as mayor.

* * *

The second presentation in the Omena Historical Society three-part lecture series, Pre- and Post-Euro Anishnaabe Talks, was this past Tuesday morning. The first presentation had focused on family and community. This presentation was about spirituality. It was a fascinating and educational session. The third and final session will be Tuesday, August 7.

* * *

Jenny Smith is home from New York for at least a month. Her pet fish, Gabriel, accompanied on the drive back here and seems to have done well. Unfortunately, they got back too late for the mayoral race. Jenny recently completed certification as a doula, and has been living in West Chester County and working in Brooklyn. The two-hour train commute each way was an interesting experience for an Omena girl, and she is glad to be back here for a long visit. Her sister, Molly, had been up to visit her just a few weeks ago. They enjoyed a number of activities, including the Great Hudson River Revival and camping in Maine.

* * *

Richard and Dana Colling and their dog, Oliver, are vacationing in Omena this week.

* * *

The 37-member cast of the Northport Community Arts Center’s summer musical “The Wizard of Oz” is putting together a fantastic, over-the-rainbow show under the direction of Scott Lilly, a guest director from New York City. Scott is living with Laura Kalchik and Joe Thatcher until the show is over. There are 17 munchkins (all children) and several are students from Northport School. Toto is a Northport resident named Eddie. Many ensemble members hail from Northport, as well as Terry Fera -Uncle Henry/Guard and Laura Kalchik- Miss Gulch/ Wicked Witch of the West. Caroline Bardenhagen from Lake Leelanau is in the ensemble, her son Jack is The Tinman and 4 other children are Munchkins. Northport’s Joe Thatcher is the Stage Manager/Assistant Director. The talented orchestra is under the direction of Nancy Flanagan, with Bobbie Lang as the accompanist. Come and laugh the day or night away in the Merry Old Land of OZ.

Opening Night is July 28 at 7:30 pm at the NCAC. There are 7 shows - July 28 and 31, and Aug 1, 2 and 4 at 7:30 and July 29 and Aug 5 matinees at 2 p.m. Tickets are $25 for weekend shows, $20 weeknights, $5 for students, and students who attend Northport School are free. Call the NCAC at 386-5001 for tickets.

* * *

This is the big weekend in town. The morning kicks off with Club 21’s bake sale in front of the Post Office. It will be a good place to get some nourishment before the Omena Mayor Parade and Inauguration. The parade begins at 10 a.m. (participants should line up at 9:30), followed immediately by the announcement of the new mayor and the inaugural ceremony.

* * *

A Celebration of Life for Fred Hallett will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Knot Just a Bar. At 2 p.m. at the Knot, the Northport School Class of 1978 will hold its 40th Anniversary Reunion.

* * *

The Omena Presbyterian Church welcomes Rev. Dr. Dan Doriani behind the pulpit on Sunday. Dr. Doriani is Professor of Theology and Vice President of Strategic Academic Projects at Covenant Theological Seminary. Special music will be provided by Debbie Doriani and Abby Karsten. Patrick Kuhl will also be at the organ for the July 22nd service.

* * *

Happy 50th Birthday to twins Tim Harris and Cindy Harris Dailey! Happy Birthday also to Adele Tate, John Varley, Helen Maher, Leona Kalchik, Rick Bryan, James Wickemeyer, and Lily Thorpe who turns 99. Happy Anniversary to Dennis and Kim Armbruster, to Richard and Dana Colling, and to Dan and Lane Torrington who were married in Omena two years ago.

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