2018-07-19 / Letters

Freedom chalking appropriate for Fourth of July

To the editor:


These words greeted me from the sidewalk in front of the Leelanau Township Library written there appropriately the week of July 4.

For over a year now, I have looked forward to reading the creative, often inspirational and always provocative words of a woman confined to a wheelchair. Known as chalking, Erica composes and illustrates her thoughts using common colored chalk which disappears as it weathers.

I know that there are some persons who do not share my appreciation for her written work, and I admit that sometimes I do not fully understand it and am left scratching my head. l do, however, support her First Amendment right to express herself and hope that she will continue to share her wit and wisdom with the Village of Northport and those like me who enjoy her postings.

Suzanne Landes
E. Circle Dr.

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